Different Ways to Wear the Flip-Flop Trend

8 Jul 2019

Oh, 'chanclas' (aka flip-flops). As a Puerto Rican, 'chanclas' are solely for the beach. As a Latinx, 'chanclas' are also the #1 tool used by mothers and grandmothers alike for intimidation. But if it isn't in those contexts — or to reference this one of the most iconic vines in history) — you will never find me wearing or even considering flip-flops for my day-to-day outfits. For some unknown reason, they have become my footwear nemesis. And this is despite me coming to terms with the overall ugly shoe trend.

I don't know if it's the annoying clapping sound they make with each step or the way they make your feet feel sweaty and exposed all at once, whatever it is, we just don't seem to mix. Personally, I've never been excited for Old Navy's flip-flop sale, even though I'm a sucker for anything that isn't full price. Sure, I understand why people like them. They're easy to wear, budget-friendly, and versatile enough. And apparently, they're fashion's next big WTF trend. They made their first debut all over Copenhagen Fashion Week back in August 2018. Surely, it wouldn't pick up? Wrong. Then they were we spotted during Etro's, Dion Lee's and Tibi's Spring/Summer 2019 runways and now you can;t scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of Havaianas or any of their glorified variations. Because since their recent inception, flip-flops have come a long way.

Which got me thinking, could a week of wearing glorified flip-flops convert me to the dark side? Naturally, I decided I needed to test them out and see what happens. While I didn't slap anybody with them, I did come to an overall conclusion — flip-flops aren't that bad but they still aren't my cup of tea.

Before you keep scrolling to see my flip-flop ratings and each outfit, here are the qualifications of said flip-flops: 1) They had to have a thong shape, 2) They couldn't be plastic (hence the glorified part), 3) They had to make me uncomfortable yet excited to try them out.