Considerations when choosing men's slippers

SEP 18, 2019 | 6:36 AM

Bare feet and cold hardwood floors are not exactly a winning combination, which is why many men seek out a comfortable pair of slippers to wear around the house. A slipper does exactly what the name implies: it slips on and off easily without the need for laces or zippers. House slippers also provide additional security while negotiating slippery floors, and they provide warmth and support on cold winter nights.

When shopping for men's slippers, a proper but comfortable fit is always a consideration. Sizing for men's slippers can be a challenge, especially when looking for wider widths or half-sizes. We have compiled a short list of the best men's slippers on the market today. At the top of that list is UGG's Ascot Slipper, a solid choice from a well-respected brand name in the casual-shoe industry.

Considerations when choosing men's slippers

An open-back slipper is considered to be the easiest type of slipper to put on, because the user simply slips his foot through an upper band and an open- or closed-toe section. This makes an open-back slipper the ideal choice for those with mobility issues.

A closed-back slipper features a heel counter section that keeps the foot securely inside the shoe compartment. Some users may need to use a shoe horn to get into the slipper, but a closed-back slipper provides the best security while worn.

The bootie style of slipper includes additional material that covers the wearer's ankles, much like a standard short boot. Bootie slippers often include more insulation and a thicker lining, which makes them a good choice for cold-weather use.

A sandal-style slipper has an open back for easy access, but also has an open toe box and minimal strapping. The slipper may have a single overhead band or a thong section, much like traditional beach sandals or flip-flops. The sandal slipper is good for casual use in warmer weather.


Many types of interior flooring, such as hardwood, tile and linoleum, are slick by design. Slippers with a rubberized sole can provide additional grip on such flooring, which means reduced chances of falling or sliding.

Walking on hard or abrasive types of flooring in bare feet can become painful, not to mention hazardous. The cushioning and insulation provided by a good pair of men's slippers will make a trip to the kitchen or bathroom much more comfortable.

Wearing standard shoes around the house often means tracking outside dirt and contaminants inside. By wearing clean slippers exclusively in the home, users will help keep the flooring cleaner and more sanitary.


It is not unusual to find very basic men's slippers in a discount store for as little as $8 a pair, but durability and comfort will be issues to consider. A quality indoor/outdoor slipper with insulation, cushioning and a structured sole can cost anywhere from $20 to as much as $200 for luxury brands.